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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> she was diagnosed with cancer that could have killed her. the symptoms she noticed that saved her life. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. we'll start with breaking news right now on fox 29. skyfox is live over west philadelphia at this hour where this mini van has crashed into the front of a home. this is right near the intersection of 45th and why ya lou sing. you see the mini van up to the front porch of that home. this happened within the last 30 minutes or so. so far we do not know of any injuries, of course, we will bring you updates as we get them. right now at 5:00 puzzling developments and some growing questions. this was the bus at the center of it all. police say a driver cut off septa bus and smashed a window. >> a woman riding on the bus jumped off and witnesses say the driver of that car hit her and forced her into that car that
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woman wasn't missing for long, though. good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. what started as a kidnapping investigation has become something much different. let's get straight out to bruce gordon in lawn crest tonight. bruce? >> reporter: dawn, a bizarre story indeed. as you said n woman stalked, punched, tossed into the back of a car and spirited away, but tonight she's home, safe and sound, now claiming the incident was not what it seemed. hours after the incident, septa bus riders along the southbound boulevard were still shaking their heads. >> a lot of crazy people in this route and everything, you know. >> reporter: you never know what's going to happen? >> you don't. >> something like this happened like this that poor girl. >> reporter: police present pre-dawn areas comb this septa bus for clues trying to sort out the mystery of what happened and why. they say a 22-year-old philadelphia woman was aboard the southbound route around 2:00 a.m. when the bus driver noticed he was being followed. around the 4600 block of the boulevard a man got out, yelled
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something at the woman and punched the side window shattering the glass. the bus driver took off. police lieutenant dennis rosenbaum. >> the girl made some comments this guy a crazy. obviously she knew who he was. >> reporter: just a few blocks south at a regular bus stop, the man in the car was again ready to pounce. >> he cuts the bus off. stops direct until front of him. and there's a bus stop there. there's people ready to get on the bus and the girl demanded to get off the bus. so that's when she gets off the bus and she's assaulted and she was forcibly put into the car. >> reporter: police naturally viewed the incident as an abduction. they dusted the bus for fingerprints and recovered security camera footage. but around 8:30 a.m., the woman appeared out of nowhere at northeast detectives to say she had neither been assaulted nor ab ducked she refused to answer any further questions and several hours later was taken to her mother's home by a detective. >> she's telling the bus driver that this guy is crazy but she willingly gets off the bus knowing what she could be in for in terms of an altercation or at
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least an interaction with this guy? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you make of that? >> i don't understand it. she can have stayed on the bus. >> reporter: witnesses describe the attacker as a black man in his mid 20s, thin build and clean shaven. driving a 2001 or two pontiac bonneville with and this is important delaware temporary that is to say paper license tags. of course, he could be charged with vandalizing the bus and far more important assaulting that woman but if she's unwilling to cooperate, not sure what kind of case could be made. the mystery remains unsolved. chris? >> bizarre story there, bruce, thank you, sir. police are looking for a man who shot five people in the city of trenton. victims were sitting outside an apartment building on oliver of a around 2:30 this morning. investigators say a car pulled up. there was an argument. then the shooter got out and opened fire. all five of the victims are expected to recover from their injuries. a beautiful end to the week in your fox 29 weather authority. here's live look at bush kill falls from our pocono mountains
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camera. pretty scene there. the end of winter is certainly feeling more like the end of spring. things are cooling down a bit but still very hard to complain about the weather today. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams in old city tonight. a nice evening out there, scott. >> it really is on this friday here in old city, dawn. temperatures today well above average but not quite as warm as 82 degrees. that's what the high temperature was yesterday. today's high temperature was 69 degrees. still well above the average for this time of year. folks are out and about here in old city just walking around. it will be a beautiful sunset. 67 degrees right now as the current temperature. winds out of the north northwest at 13 miles per hour. we have 65 degrees in atlantic city. 68 in wilmington and 63 currently in pottstown. so if you're stepping outdoors nice comfortably cool but grab that jacket or sweater those temperatures will be dropping by 11:00 o'clock into the low 50s and then look at overnight. it will be chilly. upper 30s in the suburbs. low 40s in the city. we're dry and quiet for now.
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but i am timing our next chance for rain that could impact a part of the upcoming weekend. we'll talk about that plus also this weekend we spring forward overnight saturday into sunday. we'll talk about that rain, the st. patrick's day parade forecast this weekend as well as temperature changes when i come indoors. back to you. >> all right, we'll want to hear about that one, scott, thanks. the massachusetts man accused of murdering a new jersey woman is back in the u.s. tonight. u.s. marshals returning 43-year-old fernando owens to the united states yesterday. he was arrested earlier this week in the dominican republic. owens of boston is charged with the murder of ashley bit they are her body was found body bound and burning along some boston railroad tracks back in november. she originally from paulsboro, new jersey. philadelphia police have arrested the man they say shot and killed two people in kensington. 19-year-old ateef have a jackson charged with two counts of murder. cops nabbed him yesterday on the 5200 block of how land street.
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investigators believe he killed two people along the 100 block of wishart street back on january 3rd of this year. today the nation said goodbye to first lady nancy reagan. former first lady laid to rest next to her husband president ronald reagan. 1,000 invited guests spanning the upper echelons of politics and entertainment paying their respects at her funeral today. fox's adam housely tonight. ♪ >> reporter: someone thousand dignitaries and loved ones celebrating the life of former first lady nancy reagan. >> she would bop journalists and i mean bop any journalist in this room and we know this if she didn't like or you had done but unlike so many people these days, she never seemed too harden differences. >> reporter: remembered as influential mrs. reagan planned many a of the details of her own funeral including the guest list. those in attendance include first lady michelle obama,
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former president george w. bush and former first ladies rosland carter, hillary clinton and laura bush. nancy reagan's children offered reflections. >> my father used to get massages from a large eastern european man on one of these days as my father lay face down on the table, my mother tip toed in, kissed him lightly on the back of his neck and tip toed out. (laughter). >> if my mother had one great talent, i think it was that she knew how to love. and she loved one man more than the world. >> president reagan chief of staff james baker speaking along with her friend tom brokaw. >> when we lost nancy last weekend, it would have been the skateth anniversary of their marriage. it could be as we all saw in those photographs and videoing of the adoring wife in public behind the scenes she was politically as substitute analyst and timekeeper of the flames. >> her staff honored her in the
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same way the president was honored 12 years ago as a lone bagpiper played before the casket moved and the first lady eventually buried next to her husband. in simi valley, california, adam housely, fox news. happening now, new jersey transit rail commuters may have to find a new way to get to work next week. a looming strike that could force more than hundred thousand people to make other plans. let's get straight to our karen hepp. she's life from 30th street station tonight. karen, this can affect a lot of people. >> reporter: whole lot of people because the big problem even though they're making the plans right now, they already know that they could only assist contingency plans 40 of the people. most people 60% of the people have to fine another way to get and anybody would be waiting hours. right now it's a big could be and big finger crossed they'll get a deal before the deadline. new jersey transit trains are still running right now, but riders are getting nervous as that strike deadline looms for
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tomorrow night. midnight into sunday. in fact elizabeth, changed her plans. >> we were supposed to go up north to morris county and we're to the going to be able to do it. so i would not want to sit on bus for a couple of hours. i'd rather be on the transit but it is what it is for now. >> reporter: what it is is tense. as new jersey transit and its rail unions negotiate at a hilton up in newark. the big issue, health care. a critical service advisory has gone up online and both sides are preparing contingency plans and planning for a shut down. will riders like instead of fan. >> usually the weekends i go back and forth to atlantic city. i go to walter rand and take the 551 bus to atlantic city or take the patco line. >> reporter: here's wait means for our area. the river line will still run. new jersey transit buses will still run. the big problem for us the
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atlantic city line and folks who hop the rails at trenton, hamilton and princeton junction that's about 20,000 folks of what will they do? hamilton will become a park and ride and they'll bus folks to newark penn station but frankly there isn't enough room for most riders so there's worry. >> it's going to affect the transit getting back and forth. so definitely not a good thing. >> reporter: so what do you do if you go down to atlantic city they're going to try to bus you. there's a bus line. add more buses. 554 bus on that one. also, the last time we had a strike was back in 1983. lasted for 34 days. we certainly hope that will not happen this time. all right. dawn back to you. >> all right, karen, thank you. could carbs be as bad for you as red meat or cigarettes? new research suggesting a link with a deadly disease. and soaking rains creating dangerous situations across our country right now. why all this could get worse before it gets better. plus, a classroom brawl a
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cell phone cameras are rolling. the violence is disturbing enough but police are trying to figure out if there's a more sinister plan at play here. and we see a lot of surveillance video crimes but none quite like this. these guys seem to have every intention to break into this store but things, well, really don't work out for them. we'll show you why coming up. coming up all new tonight at 6:00 a local mom says her child and two others were hurt at school and she says a beebee gun is to blame. what she's doing to get justice.
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♪ at least three people are dead after a flooding hits louisiana and the rainy weather is expected to continue through the evening. the bayou state not a lone in dealing with extreme conditions. >> rain also causing big problems in texas and in tennessee. fox meteorologist rick has the latest. >> reporter: water rescues underway in louisiana where residents have been playinged by heavy rains. this roadblocked by a swollen river, a car almost totally submerged by the flooding. >> what do you think about this, ever see anything like it? >> it's been a long time since i seen this much water. >> reporter: this is some of the damage caused by the deadly flooding elsewhere in the state. a road in west munroe collapsing under the weight of rising water. >> we looked down and part of this concrete was all gone and so it was like a huge waterfall was going down. >> reporter: flooding also hitting nearby arkansas and texas. folks in texas say they were prepared to deal witness conditions. >> started moving cars, trailers, boats, our toys.
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and the water started coming up little faster than we thought. so we got the stuff moved and needed to move on the street and we faux cuff on the house. lifting furniture, cleaning up stuff off the ground. >> reporter: torrential rain causing problems in tennessee as well. crews in memphis working to contain a mudslide putting up large concrete barriers in hopes of blocking more mud from reaching the road. >> we will continue here at city hall to staff overtime as needed to respond to the number of complaints and calls for servi services. we will continue to do so as long as necessary. >> reporter: the storm hitting louisiana are now moving toward alabama. several inches of rain could fall in the mobile area by early sunday. in new york, rick, fox news. new tonight philadelphia license and inspections has determined the cause of a building collapse in germantown that happened yesterday morning on the 5100 block of marion street. it left two elderly residents homeless. l and i officials say today
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water that leaked into that property over time ultimately caused the collapse. that water apparently getting in through the roof according to officials. the couple that was living there fortunately was not injured in the collapse. a fallen pennsylvania state trooper is honored today at his philadelphia alma mater. roman catholic high school announce the establishment of the david kedra scholarship fund during a mass there. he was a 2000 september sick roman catholic graduate he went on to study criminal justice at temple university and became a state trooper. tragically he was killed in september 2014 when a gun went off during a demonstration. his brother says the school helped david become the exceptional man he was. he lived his life with purpose, with no regrets and doing what he loved, what he set out to do. that's a lesson we should all celebrate. >> during his time at roman kedra was a runner for the cross
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country team and a member of the national honor society. in your health tonight, a connection between carbs and cancer. a new study finding those who eat a lot of foods rich in carbs are more likely to develop lung cancer. that research is published in cancer epidemiology, bio markers and prevention. doctors finding that those who ate a diet full of bad carbs like white bread, potatoes and processed food had a 49% greater chance of developing lung canc cancer. our dr. mike talking about it this morning on "good day philadelphia". >> if you ingest all kinds of highly purified cashes and sugars, it makes your blood sugar go up, it makes your insulin levels go up and something called inn sewell lane growth factor and that's associated with increased risk of lung cancer and other cance cancers. it stimulates the cancer. >> researchers finding that 60% of all calories consumed in this country are ultra processed.
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dr. mike says everything in moderation when you can choose a healthier option, choose it. well, we are less than 48 hours away from the big day. we are talking about philadelphia's st. patrick's day parade. >> and to help get us in the irish spirit one of the area's most popular irish bands performing this morning on "good day philadelphia". ♪ >> love it. black thorn treating good day viewers to couple of tunes this morning. the director of the parade michael bradley speaking to our bob kelly this morning. give us a little history about the big day. >> so tell us about the second oldest parade in the country here in philadelphia. >> it's great because it started in 17715 years before our own country was even founded. >> before we sign the declaration of independence. >> that's right. commodore barry went to george washington and said the troops were weary from long winter.
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>> okay. >> we have so many irish we want to march and the very first time they marched in philadelphia. get out. >> wow. >> more celebrations last night at the double tree hotel in cinder center city kathy orr joining "good day philadelphia"'s mike jerrick for st. patrick's day parade annual dinner gala always a fun time. we're all going to be out there, of course, on fox 29 noon sunday. does yeah. >> bringing the families out. i've been watching this far raid for so long i get to march in it now. >> i was really surprised i asked my 14-year-old daughter if she wanted to come and ride on the float with everybody and she said yes! >> we'll all be there. >> great family event. hope you all join us. of course, fox 29 is your home for this year's annual st. patrick's day parade. kathy orr, mike jerrick and bob kelly are your hosts this sun day. ice chris i know you'll be out on the streets when you post your pictures be sure to use the hash tag fox 29 irish. i'll be on the float. would have to walk. so we can all the fun that you are having this sunday. we're really looking forward it to. >> we are. well, this may look like a
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quiet facility in the country side. federal officials say it was the site of a cyber attack from another country. who investigators say is responsible. what they plan on doing about it. and we'll lose another hour of sleep when we spring forward this sunday. you might find it a little annoying, but is it also unhealthy? the push to do away with daylight saving time. her body was telling her something just wasn't right. turns out, it was cancer. one of the hardest to diagnose. the symptom this 24-year-old noticed that saved her life. ♪
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it feels like spring new jersey much country but in mexico schools in eight states are closed as winter weather moves through. take look. in mexico city classes were suspended at every elementary and high school because of high winds. weather caused trees to fall on parked cars. fortunately no one was hurt. the justice department says a iran is behind 213 cyber attack on a dam in new york. the breach of the control system at the bowman of a dam in rye brook 20 miles north of new york
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city allowed hackers to probe the system and prompted a federal criminal investigation. justice department spokesperson says the islamic republic is responsible for the breach. as a result the u.s. attorney's office in manhattan will be issuing an indictment. it's not clear if that indictment will name specific officials win the iranian government. sheriff in kentucky is recovering from injuries after he was shot while trying to serve a warrant. it happened yesterday in the community of franklin. investigators say simpson county depth pee he had day dee lawson had gone to the home of ben wyatt to serve warrant and take him into custody. that is when wyatt opened fire. >> he struck him in the center of the pelvis and in the right knee. at that time deputy lawson returned fire striking mr. wyatt one time in the upper arm. >> i heard six shots being fired. iran to the window to see what was going and i saw the deputy running across the backyard. >> both the deputy and the accused shooter are in stable
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condition tonight. you decide 2016. once a arrival now an ally. donald trump gets another endorse film a former gop candidate in the race for president. dr. ben carson is throwing his support behind trump. the republican front runner introducing the retired neurosurgeon during a news conference today. carson says the republican party needs to unite behind trump and says there's a sized public him the public doesn't always get to see. >> there are two different donald trumps. there's the one you see on the stage and there's the one who is very cerebral sits there and considers thing very carefully. you can have a very good conversation with him. >> trump says he's made no official offer to carson for a spot in his administration. but he values his input on the campaign trail. a classroom brawl as cell phone cameras are rolling. the violence is upsetting enough but police are now trying to figure out if there's actually a more sinister plan at play here.
5:26 pm
and these guys seem to have every intentions to break no this store but things don't really work for them. we'll show you why here in a second. scott? >> chris it's been a beautiful friday across our a. get ready for chilly overnight but it looks like a mild weekend ahead. coming up the timin timing of wn rain could impact part of the week and plus the st. patrick's day forecast is next. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> we have breaking news. right now police are searching for a man after a woman is attacked in pennypack park. this is skyfox video of that area. this all happened late wednesday night. but this information coming to us win the hour. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. they say he approached a woman from behind, covered her mouth, forked her into the woods and sexually assaulted her. now, police say this man has a heart tattoo with tribal symbols on his chest. he has crook front teeth. if you recognize this man, please call police right away. a suspected abduction in involving a septa bus turns out to be something else. the driver says a car cut him off on roosevelt boulevard in lawn crest this morning and smashed a window. he demanded female passenger get off the bus. she did. was assaulted by the man. he then put her in a car and took off. the woman showed taupe police station a few hours later to say she was not abducted. investigators say they're still
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not sure now exactly what happened here. more than 100,000 commuter who's use new jersey transit might not be using at all next week. if rail workers don't reach a deal by early sunday morning, 4,000 rail workers will go out on strike. new jersey transit employees say they've been working without contract for more than four years. two girls get into a brutal brawl in a georgia high school classroom. the violence is awful. but that's not the only reason this video is so upsetting. investigators say one of those girls blind sided the other. >> they're trying to figure out if the whole thing was part of a hateful plot. fox's porsche bruner has the story. >> over all how the fight started, what it started over, just simply was ridiculous because it was a set up. >> reporter: county sheriff eric levitt was disgusted to see the cell phone video recorded march 2nd in inside a salem high school classroom for several reasons. >> he says bryant alleged
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actions are most disturbing. she's the 18-year-old girl charged with simple battery after this video appears to show her hitting a student with no provocation pulling the student out of her seat then assaulting her on the ground. here you have a girl perhaps that may have been minding her own business and all of a sudden it looks from the video she perhaps was tacked from behind and the fight result the d she deserve it? it may be just a school fight. but if you look at the video and how that fight could have been very violent, it only takes one hit to not someone out. >> reporter: while the sheriff says he was glad to see some female students desperately trying to break up the fight he was frustrated more boys didn't try to intervene and says he was even more disappointed to counsel at least four students trying to record the fight on their cell phones. investigators say bryant told students to get their cameras ready to role. just before she allegedly through the first punch. now investigators are trying to determine if she planned to post the disturbing video on social
5:32 pm
media. >> we as adults and as parents need to be more involved with how our children are using their phones and monitor it a little bit better, because if you don't, basically when you have incidents like this, what we're simply doing is celebrating this violence. >> bryant is scheduled to face a judge in court next wednesday. back to your fox 29 weather authority. things were a bit cool her today but it still didn't really feel like march. pretty nice out. >> beautiful out there. chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds. it was another fantastic day across the area. the high actually made it up to 69 degrees in philadelphia. well above the average for this
5:33 pm
time of year which is only in the low 50s. folks are out and about here in old city. it's going to be a comfortably cool friday evening out. so grab the light jacket or sweater as those temperatures will be dropping as we move toward 9:00 o'clock, 55 degrees. low 50s by 11:00. then overnight low temperatures for some will actually dip into the 30s. so as we look at your weather headlines, elevated fire risk out there this afternoon and evening. dry conditions, low relative humidity values but a pretty mild weekend temperatures topping out in the 60s. overnight saturday into sunday, don't forget to spring forward. you loses an hour of sleep and we have better chance for rainfall late sunday especially into monday morning commute. look at the temperatures right now. really pleasant. 68 wilmington. 65 degrees in atlantic city. we have 63 in reading. already dropping into the upper 40s toward the pocono mountains. so some of that colder air is still well to the north of us right now. syracuse, 37 degrees. as we move toward parts of canada, ottawa, temperatures in the upper 30s.
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as we look at the satellite/radar, it's dry, quiet we saw a little bit of light showery activity first thing this morning but most of the heavy rain has been out to the west. sections of texas, louisiana as well as mississippi and down into along the gulf coast devastating flooding. in fact take look at some of the areas that have received over a foot of rain. you can see as we move into parts of louisiana, southern sections of mississippi. devastating flooding and rescues taking place there. so as we move ahead to the next several days, saturday dry conditions. sunday we have to watch during the afternoon and evening for better chance of some scattered showers but 70% chance for rain as we move toward monday. as we take you hour by hour it's dry, quite tonight, clouds kind of move in throughout the day on saturday. but it stays dry. then watch the clock for sunday morning. it's mostly cloudy, cool, but dry and then look at some of the rain off to the west. it tries to advance toward the area. we're still dry around 12:00 o'clock of course we have the st. patrick's day parade on
5:35 pm
sunday it looks like that rainfall will hold off until the end of that event and then better chances for heavier rain once again overnight sunday into monday morning. look at all of the coverage across the area. so for tonight it's chilly temperatures in the 30s and low 40s out there but then tomorrow another beautiful day. 66 degrees will be the high temperature. and less let's take look at that parade forecast on sunday, we're looking at temperatures right around 64 degrees. a 30% chance for some showers. the seven day forecast shows cooler conditions upper 50s on monday then look at the warmup as we move toward st. patrick's day next thursday high temperatures near 70 degrees. it looks pretty darn good. >> well above average. >> see you sunday. >> yeah. >> all right. it may look like a mess on this popular beach in mexico but lot more going on than meets the eye here. why authorities are having a hard time figuring out exactly what this is. plus, a $400 million dispute hits the courtroom and it's all over post it notes.
5:36 pm
the big debate that could soon be elder settle the. coming up at 6:00 chopping down trees. coming at a high price for a local man. why it cost him more than a quarter million dollars.
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♪ what may first seem like a disgusting site on a beach in mexico is now raising a lot of questions. take look at what washed up in acapulco. authorities don't know exactly what this is. the creature measures a little more than 13 feet. it's believed to have died before washing ashore. ocean experts are on this case and they're trying to figure out exactly what it is. well when it comes to lawsuits this one could get a little sticky. >> i'd say so. inventor is suing 3m he wants credit for creating for has become the post it note. you know them. alan am ron says he invented the press on memo in 1973. a full year before 3m scientists developed the post it. he sell add lawsuit against 3m several years ago but he says 3m
5:40 pm
breached the settlement agreement by continuing to take credit for the post it. now he wants the company to admit he invented it and he wants $400 million. >> i'm an inventor. my livelihood is based on inventing, and if i don't get recognized for the april vinces i claim to have invented, well then that's a knock on to my credibility and knocking on my credibility knocks on my livelihood. >> 3m says it developed post it notes without any input or inspiration from this man it's false and misleading for him to suggest that he created it, invented or had any roll in the product's development. the city of wilmington, delaware getting ready for a weekend full of st. patrick's day festivities and that means it's painting the town green. well at least the lines on the road. the irish culture club of delaware paining the lines on city streets around rodney square a festive green. well we see a lot of surveillance video showing crimes but none quite like this much these guys seem to have had
5:41 pm
ever intention to break into this store but things don't really work out too well for them. we'll show you why. her body was telling her something just wasn't right. it turns out it was cancer. one of hardest to diagnose. the symptom this 24-year-old noticed that changed her life.
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♪ big weekend for college basketball fans leading up to selection sunday for this year's ncaa tournament. >> villanova is trying to win the big east tournament which could lead to a top seed in the ncaa tournament. tom srendenschek with more on the wildcats. >> a lot at stake this weekend guys. first things first. semi finals. big east tournament wildcats taktaking on providence at 6:30.
5:45 pm
these two teams have played each otherwise this year. providence won at villanova in january. villanova return the favor won at providence in early february. all eyes tonight on madison square garden in new york. it is the world' most famous arena. rematch. winner notice they are in the championship game tomorrow night right here on fox. outside the garden to inside court side make it sean bell is at the garden. sean? >> reporter: tom, i'm here and as you can see the guys are right behind me getting ready. they're pumped for this rubber match. i mean this game could mean everything towards their ncaa bid for a number one seed. we got them earlier today coming off of the bus. looking like businessmen. ready to get it going because they know they need this game so they can play at the barclays in the first round of the ncaa tournament. i spoke to jay wright before the game about playing team for the third time especially a team with that much talent.
5:46 pm
>> when you play in conference tournaments, you know the personnel so well. somebody, somebody has got to have a great night or somebody has got to step up. you don't expect because you know the guys you got to stop. that's what's interesting about playing providence. everyone knows you got to stop them. ben sell still had 38 last night. they know how to get it done. >> i know there's a ton of keys. give me one key you're looking in particular that needs to happen tonight in order for to you win. >> ben tell can't score in the 30's. he's had a game of 41 this year. he had 38 last night. that was a difference in the game. you don't say this too often. if you can keep him in the 20s you got a good shot. >> reporter: this is feeling like one of those big east tournament games of the old providence with a legit 2nba players drafted in the first round. villanova with a deep deep squad. this is going to feel like an
5:47 pm
old school slug out match between these two teams. i can't wait. madison square garden is going to be rocking and of course later sled we will talk about the tough matchups that they have going into this game. back to you. >> always fun witness big east tournament this time of year. sean we'll talk to you at 6:00 o'clock. reminder that the title game of the big east tournament look right here on fox 29 tomorrow night at 5:30. one quick football note for you eagles traded mark sanchez to the denver broncos. they trade him for a conditional draft pick in next year's draft in 2017. dawn? >> all right, thank you tom. city leaders gathering today to kick off the 2016 tree philly program all to help make philadelphia a little greener. tree philly gives away free trees to city residents and the goal is to increase the tree can nappy in every neighborhood of the city. the program is in partnership with the city parks and recreation department, fairmount parks conservancy and td bank. at just 24 years old, one
5:48 pm
local woman new something didn't feel right and she was right. a young woman diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> but it turns out she was very lucky and she actually beat it. fox 29's joyce evans shows us her mission to help other women within their fight. ask. >> shooting hoops is ashley steinberg's passion. a real baller looking for game league or pick up whenever, wherever. >> wow! >> her idol, impressive. >> the only thing this former triton high school mustang loves as much coaching children. teaching kids the art of the game. but the game of life ran a foul in the prime of ashley's life. at only 24 years old. >> i noticed in 2012 that my stomach was growing. >> but she felt no pain. >> i just thought i was like
5:49 pm
gaining weight. all the junk food i eat. >> so she just waited for her annual gyn exam. only few weeks away. >> she felt like my stomach was just hard. so that's when she sent me for an ultrasound. >> her right ovary had a mass the size of a melon. >> i was freaking out little bit, yeah. >> especially when several small cysts were discovered on her left ovary. >> call them borderline tumors. they tend to happen in younger women. they tend to happen in women in their 20s and 30s. they are more rare as you getter older. >> ashley's tumor would require a bit more than just removing the mass. reality set in. this was cancer. she would definitely lose her right ovary so young. and it could be worse. >> because by the time you were diagnosed -- >> it's very far advanced. that's the case unfortunately with a lot of women is that they find their cancers at stage three or even stage four where you're prognosis is definitely not as good.
5:50 pm
>> my biggest fear because it was so big like it was the size of a melon what i was going to wake up to. like going into surgery. >> reporter: nicole freehill is ashley's current doctor. fortunately ashley's cancer was caught at stage one. >> contained to that ovary. no chemo, nor radiation necessary. and she still had one fully functioning ovary more than capable of still helping nature take its course. but not for long. >> in september it came back again on the left side. >> back to back. >> back to back within a year of each other. >> okay. what wept through your mind th then? >> now what's going to happen to me? >> reporter: her remaining ovary and her appendix were removed along with smaller tumors. different from the first. >> at 24, 25, you know, both your ovaries are gone. menopause? >> yes. she went into surgical menopause, and the thing is we have lots of treatments for menopause.
5:51 pm
>> have you had any problems. >> reporter: for ashley checkups every three months and a daily birth control pill is all dr. freehill says she's going to need until she's about 50. to regulate her hormones safely. >> safety wise, the number one killer of women is heart disease and estrogen does help prevent heart disease in younger women so it will definitely keep her on for while for that main reason alone besides symptom relief. >> reporter: ashley is going on two years now cancer free while dr. free hilltweaks her are hormone treatment as needed. the young legal assistant working hard in the office. and at speaking out for more funding and research for better more reliable screening for such an aggressive deadly disease. >> with pap smears to detect cervical cancer, mammograms to detect breast cancer but no one screening test for ovarian cancer. hopefully in the future there will be report roar in the meantime --
5:52 pm
>> i want to help other females who could be in the saying and not even know. >> reporter: ash system grateful to be alive and healt healthy. and she's weighing her options to possibly have children of her own. to hit the court some day. joyce evans, fox 29 news. lose an hour of sleep when we spring forward this sunday. you may fine that annoying, but is it also unhealthy? the push to do away with daylight saving time. >> and coming up at 6:00 o'clock wawa believed to be a violent abduction this morning may not be as it seems. to night the clues about what happened when a woman was violently taken off city bus and assaulted. and a local mom says her child and two others were hurt at school. she says a beebee gun was to blame. what she is doing to get justi justice.
5:53 pm
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two burglars plan to break into a store ends before it even begins. take look at the surveillance video from fresno, california. you see two men trying to break in a sporting goods store.
5:57 pm
they try to break the glass but neither them can do it so they finally give up. they walk away. police at one point said they tried to shoot the door but the gun, well, that didn't even fi fire. officers are looking for these guys tonight. well get ready to spring forward. clocks are moving ahead at 2:00 a.m. this sunday. >> but believe, somebody believe daylight saving time should actually be fazed saying the tradition does significant damage to to our health. fox's jessica, has the story. >> reporter: number one reason why new yorkers hate daylight saving time is because we lose an hour of sleep. we're not alone. there's a proposed bill in california to get rid of entirely. so why is time such an issue? >> i'm worried about it i like my sleep. just like every other new york yorker. >> i'm happy we'll get more daylight. i'm sad i won't have enough hours of sleep. >> reporter: creative writing professor michael down hook wrote spring forward the annual madness of daylight saving time says there's reasons why we have
5:58 pm
daylight saving time and it's not because we are saving energy or it's good for farmers. he says those are all myths. >> new yorkers invented metropolitan daylight saving. they just refused to give it up much after that boston and detroit and almost all the major cities in america were mag any tized by new york's economic power and we want our clock as close to new york time as we can get it. >> reporter: health advocate is involved in bill in massachusetts that would create a commission to move new england states to atlantic time which is an hour before the eastern time zone all year round instead eight months of the year. >> in the spring when we bring forward there are more heart attacks, more strokes, um, more workplace accidents all because we're giving millions of people jetlag at the same time. and there's no -- there's not competence zero benefit in the fall to make up for it. >> the truth is the idea of taking new england and moving it off of new york time in order to
5:59 pm
put it on nova so at a time seem to me like one of the worst times we've come up with our clocks in a long long time. >> reporter: it doesn't matter what side of the clock you're on, guess what, come sunday, you better make sure you change that alarm clock. in midtown, jessica, fox news. tonight at 6:00 a crazy chain of events a car cuts off a bus, then someone outside smashes window. what happened next had police investigating a kidnapping and that was just the beginning. and a month long investigation leads to an arrest at a local apartment complex. police say they found a lot of evidence but there were even more surprises to come. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. breaking news tonight in northeast philadelphia. right now police are searching for a man after a woman is attacked in pennypack park.
6:00 pm
this is skyfox video. this happened late wednesday night but we're just learning of it right now. this is the sketch of the man police are looking for at this hour. they say he approached the woman from behind, covered her mouth, forced her into the woods and sexually assaulted her. police say the man has a heart tattoo with tribal symbols on his chest and a crooked front tooth. if you recognize this man, give police a call right away. unusually mild weather continues in your fox 29 weather authority. once again we got temperatures higher than normal for this time of year from center city to sea isle city it was hard to stay inside today. good evening everyone i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. we're tracking some changes what exactly does that mean for your weekend? it's friday night. everybody wants to know. let's get straight out to chief meteorologist scott williams live on the street in old city tonight. >> reporter: hi there, dawn and chris. it was beautiful day but temperatures are going to get a little chilly stepping outdoors tonight. so grab those jackets and


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